An AI system to rescue frustrated air travelers.

Let’s put an end to air traveler frustration. Images of chaos like this airport scene are a common occurrence because any deviation from normal operations strains or overwhelms airline personnel. The challenge to enabling deep self service (self service on par with what an airport agent can do) is that while web pages or apps are great for consuming information they are not an ideal user interface for exploring options. Changing just one element of a travel itinerary, for example, requires selecting it on the page, then submitting it to get the updated results. Another change, another submit. Last week […]

How Yelp could use hyper-relevant ads to capture a new revenue stream.

Yelp could turn irrelevant smartphone navigation app ads into a hyper-relevant food concierge service. Every now and then the light goes on after a series of unrelated events coincides with something you are working on. I stepped away from work one afternoon to play golf with my neighbor, who drove us to the course. An ad would appear in his smartphone navigation app (Waze) every time we came to a stop sign or stop light. I hadn’t seen this before and though it had some potential. When we stopped, the ad would appear and indicate how far away a somewhat […]

An Aviation Blockchain Model

An aviation blockchain platform could unify the fragmented aviation ecosystem, reduce costs, eliminate data silos, and equip network participants with new capabilities. In the current environment, each entity that touches the aircraft—a stakeholder—maintains its own database which is generally not connected to the others. A single aircraft can have records scattered across all these touch points. Maintenance records in one or more maintenance provider databases; registration at the F.A.A.; title, liens, insurance with their respective organizations, etc.. It’s an expensive and inefficient system that doesn’t easily provide a picture of an airplane’s history. This is especially true in general aviation, […]

AI Will Change the Customer Experience: A Look 5 Years Forward.

Five years from now we’re just going to ask Siri, Alexa, and company to do it. All. Our smartphone apps will primarily become behind-the-scenes gateways to what we want instead of being the user interface they are today. It’s already happening. While enjoying lunch at a New Hampshire restaurant I leaned forward toward my phone, which was on the table, and spoke “Hey Siri, how long will it take me to get home?” (New York City.) Siri replied “the traffic to home is light, so I’m estimating 4hrs and 29 minutes via I-84 west.“ No touching the phone, no launching […]

Private Jet Charter Chatbot “Air Charter Amy”

In late summer 2017 we launched Air Charter Amy, a private jet charter chatbot. Better early than late. Blue Nile, the jewelry website, was founded in 1999 when ecommerce was a new and pretty crude experience. Today it’s the #1 jewelry site. For chatbots and A.I. today is 1999. Amy is a Facebook Messenger chatbot. She guides users new to jet charter through predefined conversation flows that cover topics a first-time charter customer would likely be interested in. Amy can also gather information needed to initiate a jet charter price quote.   Air Charter Amy is Conceived Amy congealed out […]

Jumping The Curve

In 2016 we built a customer service analytics proof of concept application. That same year came the AI wave. Artificial intelligence has had some big wins since we made this application in mid 2016. I believe it will completely reshape analytics. Big data + AI + enormous business opportunity makes this inevitable. Jumping The Curve In Twelve things I learned from Steve Jobs, Guy Kawasaki talks about jumping the curve. The curve is being in the right place at the right time. In 2017, the right place and time is AI. Using consultants or analytics to arrive at the aforementioned KPIs will soon […]

The Impact of AI and Automation Technology on Work

Automation technology can both augment and replace human activities.  A McKinsey study finds that 45% of work activities could be automated using already demonstrated technology. In the United States, these activities represent about $2 trillion in annual wages. Add natural language processing technology and this figures jumps to 58%. What’s new and exciting are the possibilities from combining automation tech with artificial intelligence. Applying AI expands the use case universe beyond simple repetition and rules-based applications . It took a decade for the Internet to transform the retail and travel industries. It’s a good bet that AI and process automation will […]