AI Will Change the Customer Experience: A Look 5 Years Forward.

Five years from now we’re just going to ask Siri, Alexa, and company to do it. All. Our smartphone apps will primarily become behind-the-scenes gateways to what we want instead of being the user interface they are today. It’s already happening. While enjoying lunch at a New Hampshire restaurant I leaned forward toward my phone, which was on the table, and spoke “Hey Siri, how long will it take me to get home?” (New York City.) Siri replied “the traffic to home is light, so I’m estimating 4hrs and 29 minutes via I-84 west.“ No touching the phone, no launching […]

Chatbot “Air Charter Amy” Launched

  We recently launched Air Charter Amy, a private jet charter chatbot. This is the story of how and why we built her and lessons learned so far. Better early than late. Blue Nile, the jewelry website, was founded in 1999 when ecommerce was a new and pretty crude experience. Today it’s the #1 jewelry site. For chatbots and A.I. today is 1999. Prefacing the development story, here are some takeaways for chatbot builders Conversation UI. A chatbot is a conversation UI. Conversation is brand equity. Marketing automation and broadcasts are not conversation. Business case. There should be a clear line […]

Jumping The Curve

In 2016 we built a customer service analytics proof of concept application. The idea was to shift the analytics paradigm from reporting random metrics to first setting performance goals, then scoring progress toward those goals. In other words, shift mindset and workflow from mining to refining. This project came from discussions and questions I had with a support manager and a digital marketing media buyer who were having trouble using their data to move the needle.  The support manager worked at a start-up, was new to the role and did not know where to begin. The media buyer worked at a […]

The Impact of AI and Automation Technology on Work

Automation technology can both augment and replace human activities.  A McKinsey study finds that 45% of work activities could be automated using already demonstrated technology. In the United States, these activities represent about $2 trillion in annual wages. Add natural language processing technology and this figures jumps to 58%. What’s new and exciting are the possibilities from combining automation tech with artificial intelligence. Applying AI expands the use case universe beyond simple repetition and rules-based applications . It took a decade for the Internet to transform the retail and travel industries. It’s a good bet that AI and process automation will […]