Air Traveler Self Service with A.I.

Let your customers help themselves with AI-powered conversation.

Scormi’s intelligence layer is a cloud platform that bridges back-end systems with the conversation apps your customers are already using. We specialize in helping airlines and travel industry companies use conversation to deliver customer self-service at scale.

Self-service improves your customers’ experience,  reduces workload, and provides you with a window into how customers are engaging with and experiencing your brand.

  • Scale. AI can handle thousands of simultaneous customer conversations.
  • Hyper-relevance. Each conversation is contextually relevant, i.e., connecting to your systems enables the conversation to be relevant to the specific situation of each customer.
  • Continuity. The system can provide basic help to customers if back-end systems are unavailable.
  • Outreach. Conversation works both ways. Companies can initiate hyper-relevant conversations too (at scale).

Your customers want a better experience though AI powered self-service. Contact us today to schedule a demo!

Innovation & Strategy Consulting

Need some advise about where AI makes sense in your organization? We can help with that too. The blog posts on our site will give you an idea of the type of thinking that goes on here. We work fast and get it right.

Here’s how we can help

  • Identify and Assess opportunities to improve the customer experience and operations with AI .
  • Advise and lead brainstorming and strategy sessions with organization stakeholders.
  • Develop implementation plans for pilot projects.
  • Work with your team to do the pilots.

Scormi is piloted by

Dave Goodwin – Business & Tech Strategy
Airline, enterprise IT, and sales management experience; web applications development oversight.

Alex Korenkov – Software & Infrastructure
IBM Watson, web applications development, cloud infrastructure, database administrator.

We are here to help you help your customers. Let’s start a conversation.