Airline Passenger Self-service with AI

An agent in your pocket. Let passengers help themselves with AI-powered conversation.

Self-service empowers customers, reduces agent workload, and opens additional revenue possibilities. By combining AI, smartphones, and NDC, Scormi can untether airline passengers from limited customer support staff to eliminate scenes like this.

From single flights to regional weather events, irregular airline operations occur every day of the year. When it happens passengers are left frustrated and airline customer service teams overwhelmed.

Scormi’s intelligence layer is a cloud platform that bridges back-end systems with the mobile apps your customers are already using to deliver real-time, personalized, customer self-service at scale.

Advantages of our system

  • Scale. AI can handle thousands of simultaneous customer conversations.
  • Engagement. People prefer self-service and enabling them to engage improves satisfaction.
  • Hyper-relevance. The passenger’s flight information and (optionally) customer profile are accessed to enable self-service relevant to the customer’s current situation.
  • Continuity. The system can provide basic information to customers if back-end systems are unavailable.
  • Outreach. Conversation works both ways. Airlines can initiate conversations too (at scale).
  • Insight. Chatbot conversation dialog provides a window into how customers are engaging with and experiencing your brand.

We are currently working with select airline partners as we advance towards public launch. Sound interesting? Contact us to schedule a demo.