Passenger self-service with AI-powered conversation

Let’s put an end to air traveler frustration with airline passenger self-service during the operational window.

Images of chaos like this airport scene are a common occurrence when irregular operations strain or overwhelm airline personnel.

Deep Self-service
Deep self service is equipping airline passengers to do what an airport agent can do. While web pages or apps are great for consuming information they are not an ideal user interface for dynamically exploring options.

Last week we powered up our prototype artificial intelligence engine designed to help air travelers help themselves through the smartphone conversation UIs they already use. An automated, natural language discussion replaces tap and click UIs, phone calls, or waiting for your turn with an airport agent.

Using natural language enables passengers to explore their options with conversation, right from familiar tools such as Facebook Messenger and other chat apps. Untethering passengers from airport staff and call center agents improves the customer experience and airline staff productivity.

AI can handle thousands of simultaneous conversations with each being contextually relevant to the circumstances of each customer.

Imagine most of the passengers in the photo above working with a virtual agent to rebook themselves, get hotel and meal vouchers or learn what options are available to them. 24/7 global self-service at the fingertips (literally) of every traveler.

Conversation works both ways too; airlines can initiate automated individual conversations with customers.

The Atlanta airport power outage and several high profile reservations systems glitches left thousands of air travelers cut off from information. Our intelligence layer can help by providing basic information to customers if back-end systems become unavailable.

Deep self-service empowers your customers, reduces your staff’s workload, and provides you with a window into how customers are engaging with and experiencing your brand.

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