Our API enables travel service providers access to our natural language conversation engine.

The conversation engine itself is an artificial intelligence model made specifically for the travel domain. It understands travel itinerary elements such as dates, time of day (morning, afternoon..), cities and airports, number of persons, class of service. It can handle typed and/or voice input.

Developers using the API can deliver AI-powered conversations to their web and mobile applications without having to build and maintain their own AI models. Customer can connect to the primary natural language engine or, optionally, have us create a clone that is uniquely their own for data security and customization requirements.

Some use cases include

  • AI-powered travel chatbots
  • Conversation commerce (website sales augmentation)
  • Integrating conversation into existing mobile apps

Users include airlines, hotels, cruise companies, tour operators, and other travel service providers and organizations that use reservations or itineraries.

To learn more or get started please email api@scormi.net.