Creating a Chatbot Virtual Sales Assistant

A virtual agent performs tasks that a person would otherwise do. This augments the person’s capabilities, reduces workload, and potentially improves the user experience. This week we launched Air Charter Amy for, a private jet charter broker. In this post I’ll cover my experiences making it including: the business case for it, AI-powered versus guided conversation chatbots, why Facebook Messenger as the UI, visual and language design factors, the human hand-off, Chatfuel, Bostsociety, and the #1 thing to remember…conversation. Amy is a Facebook Messenger chatbot who guides users through predefined conversation flows and answers questions about private air charter. […]

The Impact of AI and Automation Technology on Work

Automation technology can both augment and replace human activities.  A McKinsey study finds that 45% of work activities could be automated using already demonstrated technology. In the United States, these activities represent about $2 trillion in annual wages. Add natural language processing technology and this figures jumps to 58%. What’s new and exciting are the possibilities from combining automation tech with artificial intelligence. Applying AI expands the use case universe beyond simple repetition and rules-based applications . It took a decade for the Internet to transform the retail and travel industries. It’s a good bet that AI and process automation will […]