IBM Watson & AI Consulting

IBM Watson & AI Consulting Services. Improve your customers’ experience, strengthen relationships, and streamline operations with an IBM Watson natural language chatbot. As experienced Watson developers we work quickly and always provide alternatives if they will save you time or money.

AI Consulting Services

  • Business process consulting
  • Project management
  • Develop, deploy and launch

IBM offers a suite of cognitive services and has a lay-person-capable web user interface (UI), which makes it easy for your team to assume all or portions of bot management if you decide to do that.

A natural language understanding (NLU) bot understands unstructured text or voice input. For example, “change my flight” “can you rebook me” and “I need to change my reservation” are examples of unstructured text. A user may interact with the chatbot in any number of ways including popular apps such as Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp; your organization’s smartphone app if you have one, a desktop chat window, and even smart assistants like Siri, Alexa, and company.

Entire Process or Individual Aspects

We can help with any or all aspects of Watson chatbots and other cognitive APIs.

  1. Explain what is involved in creating an Watson NLU chatbot, how it fits within your organization and how you will measure its success.
  2. Define what the bot is going to do and how people are going to interface with it.
  3. Understand which Watson cognitive services are required for your project. Our bot, for example, requires Conversation, NLU, and Watson Knowledge Studio; three distinct components.
  4. Define the conversation flow then create the required Intents, Entities, and the Dialog
  5. Set up the training environment in Watson Knowledge Studio, prepare your training sets and observe how well it is understanding language
  6. Improve it based on the results of #5
  7. Connect it to your desired UIs when it is working satisfactorily.

Please contact me if you would like to see our Watson demo chatbot.

Innovation & Strategy Consulting

We do more than Watson too.

Need some advise about where AI makes sense in your organization? We can help with that too. The blog posts on our site will give you an idea of the type of thinking that goes on here. We work fast and get it right.

Here’s how we can help

  • Identify and Assess opportunities to improve the customer experience and operations with AI .
  • Advise and lead brainstorming and strategy sessions with organization stakeholders.
  • Develop implementation plans for pilot projects.
  • Work with your team to do the pilots.

The Scormi Team

Dave Goodwin – Business & Tech Strategy
Airline, enterprise IT, and sales management experience; web applications development oversight. IBM Watson.

Alex Korenkov – Software & Infrastructure
IBM Watson, web applications development, cloud infrastructure, database administrator.

We are here to help. Let’s start a conversation.