Alexa for Jet Charter

21st Century Customer Engagement for Private Jet Charter Companies.

PoleShift℠ equips charter operators and brokers with an Alexa skill or Google Assistant action that can strengthen existing customer relationships and build new ones with a better customer experience.

  • Conversation-ready 24/7
  • Can deliver a customer experience personalized with individual travel preferences, e.g., home airport, favored jet type, catering preference, etc.
  • Assists sales teams by handling repetitive tasks, such as fielding quote requests, without encroaching on the high-touch aspects of private jet charter.
  • Can work with your existing business processes, branding, and automation tools.

It’s easy to get started. The Essentials plan is a great way to begin your voice AI journey and connect with customers on Alexa or Google Assistant (on about 1 billion Android phones). Professional adds customizations, more dialog, and higher usage thresholds.

Pricing Essentials Professional
Setup Fee 1st platform $500 $2,500
Setup Fee additional platform $300 $750
Monthly Fee 1st platform $100 $500
Monthly Fee additional platform $100 $375
Your Branding
Standard jet charter dialog
Enhanced dialog & personalization
Total invocations*/month 10,000 60,000

*An invocation activates conversation with your skill or action. 10,000/mo is about 330 conversations per day.

Case Study – Air Charter Amy

Amy is an example of our Essentials plan Alexa skill. Created for Planeviz, she uses conversation to gather jet charter quote request details from persons wanting a quote for an upcoming trip. Conversationally, Amy is modeled after a telephone call between an air charter sales agent and a prospect. Her job is to gather the flight details and pass them on to a human agent, which she does via email. Alternatively, she can send a notification to a team communication tool or SMS, etc.. Amy also sends a confirmation email to the enquiring customer/prospect.
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