Voice First for Marketers & Brand Managers – Free Webinar

Date: Tuesday June 18 | Time: 1PM – 2PM Eastern / USA

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Voice AI is a paradigm shift as big as e-commerce was 20 years ago.

91% of businesses surveyed (May 2019) plan to make significant investments in voice apps and 88% plan to support multiple voice assistants.

With multiple platforms to consider and each being a bit different, developing, managing, and improving your voice presence can be complicated and intimidating.

Dave Goodwin, Founder of Scormi UX Lab shares lessons learned and best practices for combining voice with your business processes.

You’ll learn

  • How to use voice to improve the CX and simultaneously enhance sales, marketing, and CRM processes.
  • Why context is king and always the starting point for good voice experience design.
  • The differences between the major voice platforms and how this affects your voice strategy and reach.

Join us Tuesday, June 18 at 1pm Eastern.

Presenter and Q&A: Dave Goodwin

Dave is co-founder of Scormi UX Lab. You can read his articles articles on LinkedIn and here on our blog and he is a contributing writer to the Voice Tech Podcast on Medium. Dave is an experienced Alexa skill and IBM Watson chatbot designer and has 25 years of technology management experience ranging from IT infrastructure to web applications development.